Thank You Staff!

Direct Support Professionals week was September 11-17. Thank you, you are the heart of our organization. Nebraska Associate of Service Providers (NASP) held their annual Top 10 DSP and Apace had 40 nominations.

Abigael Ogeke
Angie Teneyck
Angie Waldrop
Ankit Singh
Ashley Korn
Bertila Rodriguez-Campos
Betty Finck
Brandon Gearhart
Brian Williams
Cherryse Jaudon
Christina Somerville
Curt Booker
Dawn Amory Acosta
Emily Meyer
Jeanette Engelbrecht
Jesus Linares
Joan Lindgren
John Rokke
Jonathan Sterling
Karmin Sage
Katelyn Botos
Kaylee Carlberg
Keri Kohlschmidt
Kimberly Elizabeth Kieler
Liza Smith
Micaela Kula
Mitch Harris
Rachel Schliewe
Rex Jaycox
Rick Robison
Sam Mwania
Sandy Pfeil
Shawn Mathison
Veronica Gutierrez

We had four DSPs make it to the top 10, congratulations to Jason Faust, Lacey Palik, Lynette Bollig, and Missy Marth. You can read their nominations at



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