Region V Services is Now

Since the inception of Region V Services in 1973, our work and brand have been synonymous with excellence. We have been a leader in our communities, our state, and even the world as it relates to the services we provide and the lives we have impacted. Outside our community, the name ‘Region V Services’ means very little. Many people don’t know exactly what services we provide, and generally assume it is something different than what they have expected.

Region V Services is now Apace.

The word ‘apace’ means going or advancing at the same rate as something and can be used as a synonym for alongside. I cannot think of a better metaphor for the work we do. We live alongside the individuals we support. We meet them where they are and provide whatever support they need to reach their goals. ‘Apace’ is more than a word; it represents our philosophy. It embodies our pledge to journey alongside those we support, matching their pace and sharing in their aspirations. We are there for the challenges as well as the celebrations and every point in-between. The name encapsulates our unwavering dedication to the betterment of those we support.





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