Missy Marth – DSP Top 10

When asked what makes a good DSP, I used to respond with a long list of qualities one would possess. Now, I simply tell people that I look for genuinely good people. Simply put, Missy Marth is exactly that. She is genuinely good. She is the give you the shirt off her back, bend over backwards, run herself ragged to make sure you are taken of and your needs are met, good. She is compassionate, dependable, honest, and one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She is the ultimate optimist and the truest believer of there being good in everyone. If someone can’t find it, Missy most definitely will. She has touched the lives of so many people over her 24+ years at Apace. Missy is kind, considerate, and has a zest for life that is exemplified in her work and relationships with those she works with. She tries to make everyday count for others. She comes up with great ideas and experiences people can enjoy, and she takes pride in her work. Missy is an avid advocate for people, and she encourages their self-advocacy as well. She speaks highly of the work that is done at Apace and is always encouraging people in the community to learn about DD Services and what they entail. She goes the extra mile every time for the people she works with, as well as people she doesn’t. Literally, Missy will drive to every Walmart in the tri-state area because that is what someone wants her to do; or try every Burger King, simply so he knows which one is the “best.” She gives her all to serving others, whether they are affiliated with Apace or not. She has spent her career working pro-bono with several people within the community that do not have the support of DD Services. When asked why she doesn’t ever say “no,” she simply says, “they need my help.” Selfless is what Missy is. She is a selfless giver of her time and her heart. She sincerely cares not only about the people we support, but people in general. Over the last 24 years, Missy has worked with numerous individuals in their homes, apartments, group homes, etc. She has assisted people with going on vacations, getting to medical appointments, moving, finding jobs, tackling relationships, and so much more. She has taken on the roles of counselor, taxi driver, relationship advisor, mentor, and friend to so many. Missy does so much good for people, all the while, managing her own personal life roles of being a wife and mother. Missy’s daughters are both in high school now and actively involved in just about everything, yet Missy still manages to make everyone in her life (family, friends, co-workers, people supported, etc.) feel like a priority. Rarely do you see Missy driving through town without someone in her car that she is either working with, or simply helping by volunteering her time. Missy has assisted so many people in attaining and maintaining independence that wouldn’t have been possible without her support. I have often had conversations with Missy about how she balances everything, and she just laughs and makes a joke about not doing it well, but she is wrong in so many ways. She is not only an excellent DSP, but she is an exceptional human being, and we are so incredibly blessed to have her as one of ours.



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