Lynette Bollig – DSP Top 10

I believe that Lynette is the best choice for the NASP award because she consistently displays our agency values of respect, integrity, teamwork, and empathy. I work with Lynette at the Columbus Apace office and strongly believe she’s a prime candidate for the DSP award because of her personable people skills and her relentless contributions to ensuring the people around her have a meaningful day; she has grit and determination, and it shows through her unfailing commitment to people served day in and day out. Lynette has dependably provided direct care for a gentleman for 10+ years, to whom any person can see she brightens up his day. She makes sure each day starts well and ends well. With this gentlemen’s required level of care, there’s a lot of interpersonal experience and trust involved. Without that trust, motivation declines and the relationship will simply fall apart. Beyond assisting with the basics, she also provides companionship and emotional support – whether she knows it or not. If KD repeatedly unbuckles his seatbelt, Lynette can crack a joke at it and the behavior stops. If KD is having a rough day, Lynette wants to make his day better. It’s a kind-of sibling bond, you might say. He is more willing to work alongside Lynette due to a close and harmonious relationship that is built upon concern and understanding over many years. There is value in getting to know the person who you are serving. Through supportive experience – good days and not so good days, focusing on a persons preferences and outcomes; working with family members; and not giving up – a DSP should get the ultimate caregiver award. Clients need to know that their DSPs have their backs in any given situation.



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