Lacey Palik – DSP top 10

Lacey is an advocate. She works day in and day out providing exceptional care for the three gentlemen she supports, while encouraging them and teaching them how to advocate for themselves. One example of this, when a specific gentlemen she supports is having difficulties adjusting to new staff, she sets up a mediation with that gentlemen and that staff. She encourages the gentlemen to tell the staff how he’s feeling and in turn teaches him how to respectfully listen and accept feedback. Together they work to make a plan to prevent misunderstandings and make their days better.

Lacey promotes positive relationships and interests. She helps folks foster their current hobbies and assists them in finding new ones such as playing pool, swimming at the local swimming pool, going to movies, playing cards, attending ball games, and being foodies, to name a few! Lacey assists folks in maintaining their familial relationships and helps the gentlemen plan birthday parties to include their friends and families.

Lacey is resilient and empathetic. Recently, Lacey experienced the loss of a gentlemen she supported. This was tough on the entire team, especially Lacey. Even while Lacey was grieving, she showed great empathy for this gentleman’s roommates, teaching them coping skills and ways to grieve. She continues to celebrate his life, with his roommates, by sharing milkshakes and other treats at his graveside.

Lacey is a team player and a hard worker. She mentors new and existing staff and despite the sometimes overwhelming work everyone has to do, Lacey is always offering a lending hand to help her peers balance bank statements or complete program reviews. She works a 2nd job, outside of Apace, and still finds time to pick up shifts for her coworkers when needed.

Even through the most stressful times Lacey can still be heard laughing. She embodies professionalism. Lacey always tries to stay upbeat, look for positive outcomes or compromises in difficult circumstances, and focus on the good. She is open-minded and meets each challenge as an opportunity for growth not only for herself but also the gentlemen she supports. Lacey has helped everyone around her do the same. It is with great pleasure that I respectfully submit this nomination for Lacey Palik as one of NASP’s Top 10 DSPs.



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