Jason Faust – Top 10 DSP

Jason and I have worked together supporting people at Apace for about 13 years. In those 13 years I have known Jason to be a person of integrity, who is dependable, and an amazing teammate. You know how a person tends to have to wear many different hats in whatever role/position they are in? Well Jason is a person who wears many of these hats including ones that go above and beyond. One hat is as an advocate for the people we support. An example of this role, Jason was at the mall with a few men, and he noticed that they were not given the same attention as other customers while in a store. Jason calmly observed and then decided he was going to quietly address the store clerk. When he realized that his words were falling on deaf ears, he decided that it would be best to leave as he did not want the men to become upset. He returned to my office and reported the incident. We did call the manager as to “educate” her.

Another hat is one of bridge/trust builder between guardians, family members, and Apace. Jason accomplishes this with his open and honest communication. One weekend he had an event, and he knew that a man that he supports would enjoy attending, but he also knew that this man could have a difficult time going to events, so Jason invited the man’s mother, and aunt. They all went and had a fabulous time. I could go on and on about all the hats he wears including our unofficial handyman, painter, groundskeeper….. I think that one of the hats that he wears in which I am most appreciative of is of a problem solver. As I do not have an assistant, when I go on vacation, I do tend to worry about how it’s going while I am gone. This summer I went on my dream vacation, and I did not think about work 1 time. I knew that I could count on him should something come up. His other teammates are aware of this as well as they will go to him should something happen. Jason is definitely a support staff that goes above and beyond, and we are lucky to have him.

Thank you Jason!



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