Bringing Exercise to Apace Day Center


Exercise and spending time with friends can become an important part of weekly activities. At the Apace Day Center, DrumFIT has become one fun aspect combining friends and fitness.

Self-Advocate Autumn Follmer says, “It gets your body healthy.”

“DrumFIT is an exercise that we do, using music and different exercise moves and stretches,” says Apace Community Support Coordinator, Tamara Harris.

Harris says Follmer’s mom introduced the program to Apace (formerly Region V Services), after discovering it during the pandemic while trying to find ways to stay active.

“She found it on Youtube, and she thought it would be very neat to introduce it to us, because Autumn is very good at hosting it,” says Harris. “Autumn just puts on the show for everyone and we just follow suit.”

Follmer says she brought it to the Apace Day Center because she wants herself and her friends to be fit and healthy. Harris says as a collective activity, it’s a good way to keep our friends healthy.

On Fridays, the Day Center does DrumFIT, for at least 15 to 20 minutes each time, depending on the length of the songs used. Follmer says her favorite song is “The Boardwalk.” The movements follow along with the beats of the songs, sometimes tapping them against their bodies, or waving them in the air.



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