Brian’s Trip to Kauffman Stadium

On June 11th, 2024, Brian went to a Royals game in Kansas City. Brian and Justin always stop at their favorite BBQ restaurant in Kansas City, Smoke House at Zona Rosa. After eating we made the trip to Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. Once they arrived, they visited the gift shop to see if Brian wanted any souvenirs. When asked if he wanted something, Brian went to the jerseys and said, “Nope, not for that price.”

Once it hit six-thirty they went to their seats and then Brian went to get something to drink and eat. When he returned, he told Justin “You know it’s dollar dog and dollar peanut night.” With a smile on his face, he said, “I guess I will be able to eat plenty of hot dogs.”

At first, it was a pretty close game but then the New York Yankees started to pull away with the game. Justin could tell Brian was disappointed about the Royals losing the game and asked him if he was ok. He said, “Yeah I just wish they would’ve won the game but at least I got to eat at my favorite restaurant.”

When the game was over, Brian and Justin walked around inside the stadium to get to the other side where they were parked. They started their walk, and when they rounded the corner, Justin noticed Billy Butler, one of our legendary first basemen. Justin said to Brian “Hey there is Billy Butler” and when Brian looked around there was a smile from ear to ear on his face and he said, “NO WAY!” Justin asked, “Do you want to see if we could get his autograph and picture?” Brian said, “There is no way we can do that.”

Justin said, “It doesn’t hurt to ask”. You could tell Brian was getting very excited when we got over to where Billy Butler was. When we got up to him I asked “Hey Billy, can my friend get a picture with you and your autograph.” He said “Absolutely”, Brian’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Justin this is the best, thank you so much.”



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