Bailey’s Choice: A Beloved Canine Companion

In the beginning, this young shepherd mix just showed up at the Apace vocational site every morning and greeted individuals when they were arriving for the day.  A few weeks later it was discovered that this was the neighbor’s dog and they began chaining her up in their front yard.  The neighbors were approached by staff to see if Bailey could visit during the day as the people supported continued to ask about their dog companion and seemed to miss her presence.  The neighbors agreed and Bailey began vocational services.  Every morning she greets every individual who comes to the day center. People supported will play with her, take her outside when she needs to go on a leash, and take turns feeding her lunch.  In turn, Bailey reciprocates with her presence when they need companionship and has a sense of who needs her and when.  She doesn’t leave anyone out with her presence, attention, and kisses. At the end of the day, she doesn’t always want to go home but does and always comes back the next day.  She provides people with so much more than companionship but it’s debatable whether she gives us more than we give her.  Teaching people pet care as well as a decrease in behaviors has been a positive experience for all.



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